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About M²

When good taste meets good health, you have M². We, at Chitale Group, have now brought you a healthy range of snacks and sweets for all occasions. With M², you can now - Eat. Unguilt. Repeat.

How It All Started

Chitale Bandhu is a brand that has been around for 8 decades, etched in every occasion, every moment, and otherwise. We’ve been the perfect celebration partner for millions over these years. As the world moves forward and mindful eating takes prominence, we wanted to move ahead and match our offerings to our consumers’ wants.
So we went ahead and created something for the ‘mindful’ modern generation of conscious consumers as well as our loyal customers who swear by a ‘mouthful’ of Chitale products. That’s exactly where M², a range of snacks and sweets that accommodate all your cravings and keep your health in check, came to be born.
It’s a very simple equation. Mindful eating = Mouthful eating.
So that you can Eat. Unguilt. Repeat.